Best of the Blog


Clang Jingle Clang began as an experiment: make a piece of music every day for a year and post it online. Using all sorts of sound sources and techniques, I tried to make every daily post unique and interesting with only a few hours of time in which to write, play, and record each piece.

Below are thirty of my favorite pieces I made during the year-long piece-a-day blog project, entitled Clang Jingle Clang. Have a listen, and if you like, explore the rest of my year's worth of music.

Sept. 2nd, 2010 - a slow process
One of the earliest blogs, and still one of my favorites. Just piano and a flute in the background. I'm working on orchestrating it for chamber orchestra.

Sept. 16th, 2010 - the other other flute
Features bass recorder, panpipes, bottles, ocarina, shakuhachi. Like many flutists, I have a collection going.

Sept. 20th, 2010 - nature abhors it
I owned three different-sized vacuum cleaners at the time, for some reason; here they vacuum up coins, popcorn, rice, etc., plus some piano.

Sept. 27th, 2010 - patience is a vice
So simple - just a toy guitar slowly changing tuning.

Oct.1st, 2010 - sad glockenspiel song
There's at least one song like this in every indie film.

Oct.3rd, 2010 - glitter drone
If nothing else, this blog explored everything you can do with a glockenspiel. In this case, a little digital editing of the sound envelopes resulted in a very cool, quasi-electronica sound.

Oct. 19th, 2010 - moving wall
Low-key but effective snare drum and audio cable feedback, behind a jazzy synth harp sound.

Nov. 8, 2010 - yazzfloot
Although flute is my main instrument, I loved playing drums for the blog. Here's both together.

Nov. 19, 2010 - instant winner
Funky flute-choir piece with a nice groove to it.

Dec. 16, 2010 - sundog brighten
Playing inside the piano, with an ornate flute atmosphere and some organ sounds.

Dec. 20, 2010 - backronyms
A beat laid down, using samples of everything I could find that beeped.

Dec. 27, 2010 - heavenly host carol
A three-part contrapuntal carol in alternating 4/4 and 7/8 time. Yes, really. And that's really me singing.

Dec. 31, 2010 - grilling with kindness
A very cool, but kind of melancholy, synthesis of glockenspiel, vibraphone and the world's largest tuning fork (really some sort of prybar I found in my basement).

Jan. 2, 2011 - cheese platter
My favorite funky drums-organ-flute piece.

Jan. 3, 2011 - lion and gnats
Bass recorder and sopranino recorder face off here.

Jan. 21, 2011 - terminal burrowing
Vocal samples, and a lot of experimenting with plug-ins in Audacity. You should feel cold just listening to it.

Jan. 29, 2011 - color field
Slicing the attacks off flute samples results an unearthly, intricate net of sounds.

Jan. 30, 2011 - sixxen vixen
The special keyboard percussion instrument of Iannis Xenakis featured here.

Feb. 10, 2011 - sew it girl
All kinds of altered handdrum, cowbell and cello sounds come together here.

Feb. 28, 2011 - breaking in the clogs
A lot of sophisticated rhythmic interplay here, using colorful percussion sources like wooden flute stand and bicycle wheel spokes.

Mar. 26, 2011 - waiting
A contemplative tune with several neat electronic techniques put to it.

Apr. 14, 2011 - classroom chorus
Take a lecture of about 100 undergrads and record them all doing vocal glissandi, tongue clicks and finger snaps, and you might get something like this.

Apr. 25, 2011 - pegasus lullabye
Singing with some neat echo effects; also some heartbeat sounds. What an unborn fetus might hear, I imagine. (It's a little sappy.)

May 3, 2011 - rock out with your glock out
Glockenspiel meets electric guitar in a metal showdown. (You see what I did there.)

June 27, 2011 - katrina's song
Katrina Leshan, a very talented young classical guitarist, helped me out with this one.

June 30, 2011 - the happiest cow in switzerland
Maybe my all-time favorite. I had help from Dan VanHassel making some granulated synthesis of authentic Swiss cowbell sounds; and singing is Lindsay Kesselman, amazing soprano, who really brings it as Ingrid the Insane Swiss Cow.

Jul. 14, 2011 - far within us
For piano and clavichord, based loosely on the text of a poem by Vasko Popa:
Look it's the third shadow
On our imagined walk
Unexpected abyss
Between our words
... Vasko Popa "Far Within Us"

Aug. 14, 2011 - clock music
Toward the end of the year, I wanted to make some video projects with original soundtracks, and in this case original video footage (earlier I did some graphic scores, but not as synchronized videos.) The subject is an elegant, elaborate clock in Vevey, Switzerland; there were a number of similar clocks-as-public-art installations there.

Aug. 20, 2011 - flotille
Delicate bell sounds evolve into something different, in this first three minutes of a video of some very delicately unfolding water origami, by Etienne Cliquet, a visual artist who does both high-tech programming and low-tech paper folding art (you can watch the entire video here).

Sept. 2nd, 2011 - spinning farewells
The final blog, in which Jonathan (who helped numerous times with different projects throughout this year) stars in a video where he spins custom-made whirligigs in the park across the street.