323 and 324. double blog: plastic motion 1 and 2

Another three days, another blog behind. :(

Well if you must know, I've done nothing but pack and clean and say good-bye to people for two days. That's my excuse. I did capture the rather horrifying shrieks of massive pieces of plastic being wrapped around our bookshelves; tape being violently pulled off of rolls; and Jonathan shaking a sheet of plastic (part of a poster frame), featured in #s 1 and 2 prominently. The joyous sounds of human migration, and the stuff you'd forgotten you had, in other words.


322. lying to your brain

Wow, that girl gave me the worst cafe mocha, ever.

Anyway, this is Ben Opie playing a multiphonic, chopped up and altered into something else, as usual. Will make up yesterday's blog after the movers are set tomorrow.


three piano posts: 319. discussion 320. rolling it out 321. post-piano blues

Gave my piano away today to a nice family who'll give it a good home, in preparation for moving to Champaign. Here are three posts featuring related sounds.


318. cleaning up #1

We're in the process of cleaning out the house and packing things in preparation for the move to Illinois next week. Vaguely related to that, in some abstract way, is this.


317. green parade

A surprisingly hard-to-make blog for the result, which is very...minimalist? drone-y? With lots of panning and stuff.


316. sad grover





(etc., etc.)


315. energy

What is that sound? Any guesses? Bueller?

(Answer: it's a baptismal pool draining. Yep.)


314. death by small hand movements

You know an instrument (such as the theremin) is awesome when your cat attacks it while you're playing it. Too many chirping noises I guess. Please try to restrain yourself if you feel similarly agitated.


313. melectronica

Old mellotron samples. Daddy, I want a mellotron! Why can't I have a mellotron? Now, now, now!!

Sometimes, I worry that the blog has taught me all the wrong lessons.


312. make-up blog: apologies, mistress

Man, I don't even know what's in this one. Tasted better on the way down.

311. far within us

Look it's the third shadow
On our imagined walk
Unexpected abyss
Between our words
... Vasko Popa "Far Within Us"


310. sultry summer harmonics

Hi there! An amazing combination of corrugated straw, cello, old air pump samples and fizzy soda sounds mixed together into a thing of nocturnal overtone beauty.


309. make-up blog: scraping something together

Here's Fanta guiro, cheese grater, wastepaper basket and a little bit of hand-cranked camping lantern, a classic quartet configuration of scraping noises.

308. fresh ground

A little piano and a lot of old keyboard; it's sort of post-acid-rock maybe? Well.


307. snares and strings

More cross-string "snare effect" guitar and also banjo, used much more extensively this time.


306. backward view

For yesterday. More later today.

(Note: sounds like plucked piano? maybe?)


305. untitled, or I wish my blog wasn't linked to by russian porn sites

Alto flute action, pretty fun, very extended techniquey. I could probably do an entire piece out of tongue rams, and maybe I will one of these days. Then I'll DEFINITELY get confused porn-seeking internet traffic.


304. make-up blog again: awesome upholstery

Creepy old samples from the radio, trumpets, random electronic instruments. I like the trumpet bit at the end best.

303. what the options are

Me, playing piano. In the other part of the room, my husband and in-laws debating at first over whether or not we want a second-hand baby crib; then over where we should all go to dinner in the urban gastronomical jungle of Danville, IL. And at some point, the clock strikes.


302. look who's up

Sorry sorry sorry...three days of transit from Switzerland to Washington D.C. to Illinois, and I've finally found the internet. More retroblogging to follow. Yes, yes, spirit of the law blah blah blah.



300. farewell to empty house

A rare thing for the blog, a straight-up unedited piano improvisation. Leaving Music11 today, so goodbye to the Hindemith Center.


299. close and open

Ugh. Ugh. Well, they can't all be awesome. Well, they could. But they're not.