211. smother me now

I made this blog, uploaded it to my server account, and then forgot to actually post it until now (several hours later). It's just That Special today. But! [here comes the usual unnecessary blog apologizing], tomorrow's post will be much much cooler, oh I swear I swear I'll be good, please forgive me.


210. spring and cold

More attempts at creating interesting fields of sound out of samples with chopped-off envelopes, in this case bowed glasses. Kind of neat, a little chilly maybe. Also some bent marimba samples.


209. dark ambition

Hey! Hello! Yes I am still conscious, barely. This one uses some old bass samples and could have been really cool with a little more forethought, says I in hindsight. Also odd creepy bits of drumming and voice here and there.


208. neat and nifty

Lots of tiny strings above and below the neck on guitar and cello.


207. bundle

Made with a sample of a sheng, the Chinese free-reed woodwind instrument.


206. waiting

If you didn't know, I haven't been feeling too great lately. I've been keeping the blogs short and sweet for that reason. I'm sure eventually things will turn around and I'll be back to the longer, rambling combinations of electric mixers and flugelhorn that my listeners have come to love.

Meanwhile, here's this.



204. oasis was a rotten band

Not that this drony, fake-organ thing is any better. Unless you like drones. I do! So suck it, Oasis!

203. try not to remember

By overwhelming popular demand, it's the hot indie combo of electric guitar (tuned and played badly by me), floor tom and theremin. I need some moody lyrics to go on top of it.


202. trio of awesome

Samples from Brandon (bari sax), Chuck (drums) and me (theremin) jamming.


201. manbush

Xylophone and marimba. It dwells in two worlds and is master of both. Behold blog #202, nature's greatest wonder!


200. super moon

Tamborine and samples from the radio; it quite unexpectedly started skipping, creating the weird rhythmic semi-syllables you hear.


199. green-haired lady

Another use of the pitch-tracking patch in PD, with whistling and singing.

198. hilly landscape

Oh flutey fluteness. Also xylo, marimba, and the ever-popular omnichord.


196. sign of portent

This borrows a sine-wave piece made by a very nice guy, David Morneau, and remakes it a bit...it's cool! he wants people to do this! Mr. Morneau was mentioned previously because he completed a very similar project before I started this blog madness for myself.

The idea here is that sine waves are gradually overtaken by bowed glasses and flute (the beans and rice of my musical diet on the blog), which are sine-wavy enough as it is. It's also 1 minute long, like many recent posts (you may have noticed).


195. ghast a ghost

Ya put piano samples through enough VST patches in Reaper, they start sounding like tuba.


194. indirect questions

Buncha old samples, mostly flute and the "mystery instrument" from blog titled "putting it away", which I will now reveal is the gun controller that came with the broken Nintendo I found in the basement.


193. death comes a-tappin'

Exploring my darker side with this one, I contemplate our common mortality through manipulation of a knocking sound, echoing through a complicated series of psychical folds of delay and distortion, questioning meaningful existence in the face of fleeting life.

Nah. I was just trying out Reaper, that's all. I think I can find some neat things to do with it.

(Get it? Reaper...you see what I did there...)


192. magical sea lady

Nathan Hall sent me some great electric celesta samples! and here they are remixed into a piece with some other high-pitched keyboard instruments. I don't know why it's called "magical sea lady" except I wish I was one, so I could be married to a seahorse.

And hey, if you want to send me a .wav file and see what I do with it, just email me at daisystomper@gmail.com and it will no doubt turn up in a blog post somewhere.


191. decimation

For a number of reasons I don't really want to share with all the Internet*, it's been a hard week for me. Decimated is how I feel and also what I've done to these here samples of static, people talking in a bar, and cheesy music from an old advertisement on my cassette tape of "The Hunt For Red October."

*because all of the Internet totally comes to check out my blog, all the time.


190. twinkle skinkle

Flute, snare drum, air pump, guitar. How I wonder what you are.

(Oh, but that tune's not in here. Not at all.)


189. myooosic should be soooooothing

My goal: to gradually merge and shape drumbeats into a tone. Success? Maybe. Beautiful? Of course! As are all things on CJC! Also there's bowed wineglasses and whistling to enhance the relaxingness of your listening experience. You could totally loop this and take a long rejuvenating bath with candles n'at.

188. panic button

A short burst of dissonance. Tomorrow will probably be screaming and more screaming.

(Note: I'm pretty sure this was the day I found out I was pregnant. -KL 7/7/12)


187. reluctant experiment

I don't remember where I got this synthesized harmonics sample, but I'm sure I didn't make it myself. Doesn't stop me from messing around with it, though.


186. top 40 tea-making hits

An odd combination: samples of orchestral hits with the sound of me hitting a teakettle with a large rubber hammer.


185. fat hamsters

Tuba samples made into a cheery melody, and also fed into a pitch-sliding sampler in PD. Makes you want to go to a tiny, tiny circus.


184. flutophone

So this competes with the bathtub sounds for silliness. It's my flute jury-rigged to my saxophone neckpiece (with some tape) and a plastic cup with wax paper over it attached to that. The result is a hideous flute kazoo monstrosity, like a birdrat.


183. robot cooking class

The return of that PD patch, with some fixes by Ben. Actually, it's both the updated and the original patch together; oddly enough, moving objects and connections around to different spots in the patch seems to have created quite different sounds. Plus some trash cymbal and maraca.


182. simplicity itself

It's all altered waveforms; basically a chance to explore what all the new Audacity plugins I downloaded do. (What some of them do is unexpectedly deafen you.)


181. bumpershoot

To make up for the graphic score piece with no graphic score, here's an extra one, and kind of a neat one at that. It's an umbrella as graphic score. The parameters are left a bit vague, but generally movements like spinning and opening the umbrella can be used to direct performers. My fellow Outer Circlers found some really cool things to do with it, like pointing to specific places on the umbrella, holding it in front of a light that gets switched on and off, and opening and closing it violently to make sound. I didn't get video of us playing, but here's a demo of the 'brella in action: