193. death comes a-tappin'

Exploring my darker side with this one, I contemplate our common mortality through manipulation of a knocking sound, echoing through a complicated series of psychical folds of delay and distortion, questioning meaningful existence in the face of fleeting life.

Nah. I was just trying out Reaper, that's all. I think I can find some neat things to do with it.

(Get it? Reaper...you see what I did there...)


  1. Okay, all I could think of was that Star Trek: TNG episode where the crew are being abducted by aliens through some sub-space dimensional rift, and they recreate the laboratory on the holodeck.

  2. You'll like Reaper. Be sure to check out the settings for automatically setting the fades at the edges of regions when you edit. That would be useful for your kind of music.