#51. mostly forgotten words

I picked some words at random from a book - of John's, entitled "Games and Decisions" - and wrote them on old sheets of newspaper. Then I recorded myself going through the stack of paper, one sheet at a time with the word face down, flipping each sheet over and tearing it to shreds while trying to read them at the same instant. The goal was to do it so all-at-once that it would be impossible to actually read the word; rather, the performer would just blurt out what he or she thought the word was while tearing or crumpling the paper. Plus some Pauline Oliveros-style tongue-clicks with finger snaps to sort of add a little something else.

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  1. Hurray for Luce and Raiffa! Cool piece, but I couldn't really pick up much of the spoken part. Was that intentional or did it just get drowned out by all the crumpling and ripping?