#53. considerations

Looking around today I found this guy's blog:

(website now defunct)

which is essentially what this project is, proving it can be done. Except with a much, much larger self-promoting machine. Oh, and it's all kind of boring pop songs. 

Anyhow, speaking of boring, more slow and contemplative stuff here. 


  1. Yeah, I don't even want to press 'play' on his stuff, even from looking at the album covers I'm not interested. But I'm listening to your work from over the ocean! I'm enjoying uke forest, sunshine and trash, and 'moving wall'- how did you do that one?! I need to figure out something about technology.

  2. "moving wall" is totally fake! Fake fakity fake. It's actually Finale audio exported with some cheesy reverb added to it in Cubase. I just changed the virtual instruments (to harp, vibraphone, celesta) and exported different versions to get different sounds. And then moved them around in the sound editor window. Cubase is pretty easy to use, and quite frankly I've been doing a ton of stuff with just Audacity, which is freeware (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/), kind of a stripped down version of Peak or Sound Studio.
    - thanks for listening from afar!