99. old hundred

This was a super ambitious project for Blog #100 that kind of collapsed like a bad souffle. It was going to be 100 different cello samples, all piled into some sort of mega-celloplex, but that turned out to be both hideous and exhausting. What there is quotes the doxology tune also known as "Old Hundred", putting bits of it in smaller piles of cello.

And if this is your first time here, welcome! go explore the blog!

NOTE FROM 2019: Somehow, the count of the blog is off; by my reckoning this is the 99th song made for this project, not the 100th. I don't know if this was a mistake in counting days I made originally, or if a piece is missing from the sequence (other than #81 "round the world" which I know is missing).


  1. this, gentlemen, may in fact be the worst thing on this blog.

  2. You blogged a hundred! Megacelloplex ... wasn't that a Superman villain?