#21. scrawl etude 2

My first ever two-parter (due to file size restrictions).

About The Outer Circle: We're a small ensemble of improvisers and composers who look for graphic scores, text pieces, multimedia, electronics etc. and try it out. I started it about a year ago, and we've been having a great time ever since. This is us playing the second "scrawl etude" - a study where performers loop a fairly simple pattern, pausing to "edit" (marking instructions and pictures) on the other players' parts. The results are pretty funny; a mix of making each other scream, dance, play faster or slower, imitate Godzilla or throw in some heavy metal riffs. I suggest listening to a little of both parts, if not the whole thing (we got quite carried away, as improvisers do sometimes).

part 1:

part 2:

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