#20. nature abhors it

We have three vacuum cleaners in our house: a truly ancient floor-tank and hose model that weighs about 75 pounds, a tiny plastic sweeper that barely picks up anything, and a super-powerful red thing that looks like a Transformer. Having acquired each vacuum cleaner over the years, John was very determined (almost from the start of this blog) that I make a piece using recordings of things like paper clips and popcorn being vacuumed. Which is what this is, more or less (using pennies, rice and popcorn), plus a little floor tom, a little piano with wire brush, and a lot of editing, filtering, and phasing. I wish it were a little longer but I am now tired and have done no grading yet.

My goal this week is to plan ahead some recording sessions with others, so as to get outside my own personal performance capabilities.

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