#22. pluck pluck

Plucked piano and ukulele - like peanut butter and bacon. Salty and delicious.


  1. I enjoyed this! It feels to me like it should be longer, like what I heard was a small piece actually embedded in a scaled up structure...I tried to satisfy my itch by letting it loop a few times :)

  2. I wish it were longer, too. It's a question of time for the project, really; right now it's taking several hours a day just to produce something about 2 minutes long, which means that if I ever want to actually work on my dissertation, I have to either keep these pieces short or produce them more efficiently, or else go mad staying up till 4:30 AM every day (as John can confirm I have been doing lately). :)

  3. I hear you...good luck, and I'm enjoying the quite remarkable project!