150. color field

Flute with the attacks cut off sounds a lot like sine waves generated by a 'puter. But it ain't. Most of the compositional decisions made (after making samples) with www.random.org.

My friend Ben made an awesome hacked electronic duck (yes, that's right, a duck) which I wanted to use...but I haven't figured out how to get it to work yet....


  1. Very nice! Sounds a bit like wind chimes. In addition to the timbre, I also like the choice of non 12-TET pitches.

    BTW, I'm the guy from Greenfield who came to your party with Russ and Julia.

    I just discovered your blog through thhe PIttsburgh New Music web site. This is quite an ambitious project you are doing! Keep it up, and I'll enjoy going back through the archives and listening.

  2. thanks for listening, John! you should check out the next post with all the sixxen(s) in it.

  3. Great! Very concise and effective.