153. graphic scores week: 1. black and white

Warning: some real "improv-y" sounds ahead.

This week has a theme! and that theme is graphic scores, always interesting in concept (if not always in execution). So today I made me a paintin'. Then I done played that painting on alto sax and electric guitar. Oh yes, that's right, today is also the day I finally dug out my old secondary instrument from high school and undergrad! brings back some memories of being second chair alto in jazz band (because only two people auditioned) and playing some truly awful versions of "Birdland." Woot.

The way I executed the score was taking a total time of two minutes, playing from top to bottom, right to left on both sax and guitar (guitar played with wire brush and glass bottle stopper), then layering everything together so that what one hears is moving from top to bottom through the whole painting at once.

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