325, 326, 327, 328, 329. Quintuple blog! [the blog lives!]

Greetings from the Great Beyond, AKA Champaign, Illinois! - the new setting for my new adult life. But neither packing and moving nor unpacking a forest of boxes nor impending motherhood have stopped the blog. Lack of internet access has kept me from posting them, but here are blogs for the past five days.

P.S. - to get the internet we're hanging out in the sketchy cafe of an extremely sketchy supermarket (County Market), which must be what Giant Eagle was like in the '80s, plus a bad smell. Hey to everyone.

#1 - tap me and slap me

Shakuhachi comes back this week, first with a lot of finger slaps, plus tapping on glockenspiel and drums.

#2 - generous kittycat

Stealing an elastic-strung cat toy, I make a modified version of the bass-drum-with-resonant-string that Amy Kirsten used for her Music11 piece.

#3 - a much sadder glockenspiel song

I will miss Pittsburgh. Wouldn't you?

#4 - orchestra of chairs

One squeaky chair sample becomes a vast array of beautiful* chords.

*beautiful = very subjective

#5 - light drumming

First sample from the new house = the chandelier buzzing when the dimmer switch is down low. Plus many lovingly recycled drum samples.

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